Day: September 23, 2023

Choosing an Espresso Machine Commercial For SaleChoosing an Espresso Machine Commercial For Sale

espresso machine commercial for sale

A used commercial coffee machine is a great addition to any business serving coffee drinks. These machines are built with high-quality components to ensure consistent performance and a smoother drink. Many are manufactured in Europe, notably Italy, but there are also several American-made espresso makers that provide superior quality. One example is Victoria Arduino, which produces machines with a focus on aesthetics and performance. These are ideal for high-demand environments and have features like temperature control, pre-infusion, and pressure profiling.

When shopping for espresso machines, it is important to consider the type of use. For example, does the establishment have skilled baristas on hand to serve customers quickly? If not, it may be best to choose an automatic espresso machine. This type is easier to use and eliminates the need for a barista to operate the machine.

The Heart of Your Coffee Business: Choosing the Right Commercial Espresso Machine

Another consideration is the size of the establishment. Larger venues need a larger capacity espresso machine to keep up with the demand. These are typically four-group models that can handle high volume traffic and speed up coffee production during peak hours. These are often used in large cafes, hotels, and restaurants.

Finally, when choosing an espresso machine, it is crucial to understand the difference between brewing pressure and extraction quality. While higher pressure can yield a better result, there is a point at which it becomes counterproductive. For the best results, look for a machine that has an optimal brew pressure of 9 bars or less. Higher pressure can produce a poor-quality cup of espresso that is bitter and lacks flavor.