Day: October 7, 2023

Can You Buy Shrooms Online Canada?Can You Buy Shrooms Online Canada?

The sale of psilocybin shrooms online canada is legal in a few Canadian cities, but the federal government considers it a Schedule I drug. This means possession of a single mushroom can still land you in trouble unless you’ve got a license or exemption from Health Canada.

Psilocybin is the main psychoactive ingredient in a group of fungi called “magic mushrooms”, which are commonly consumed for their hallucinogenic effects. Ingesting the drug can cause altered perception, enhanced pattern recognition and hallucinations. The experience can last for several hours, and some people report feelings of euphoria, empathy, and love. Despite its illegal status, psilocybin is becoming more popular than ever before in Canada, and it’s drawing the attention of entrepreneurs and scientists alike.

In 2023, federal law will be amended to make possession of magic mushrooms legal in British Columbia, if the plants are left in their natural state. Until then, possession, trafficking, cultivation and export of psilocybin (and psilocin) remains 100% illegal throughout the country.

Magic Mushrooms in the Great White North: Your Guide to Purchasing Shrooms Online in Canada

VICE News went to visit Stacey Larsen, a Vancouver entrepreneur who runs a mushroom dispensary, to find out more about the illegal trade in psychedelic mushrooms. She keeps her prices low to encourage more people to take up microdosing, and says she sees big companies coming from overseas to exploit the situation in Canada.

But she thinks the government is ignoring this illegal market for a reason. She says the government’s stance is probably because it doesn’t want to compete with its own marijuana industry, which has been growing rapidly in the wake of legalization.