Day: November 5, 2023

Solid Braid Poly RopeSolid Braid Poly Rope

If you’re looking for a strong and hardwearing rope for general use, then solid braid poly might be the option for you. As its name suggests, this particular type of polyester rope has been pre-stretched during manufacturing to ensure that it is as ‘low-stretch’ as possible, making it great for a wide variety of applications. It comes in diameters ranging from 8-24mm and can be bought by the metre to suit your specific requirements or on 100 metre reels. More info

It’s also resistant to rot, mildew and most chemicals. It has a smooth round construction that makes it easy to work with and it works well on pulleys. It’s low elongation properties means that it stays firm and rounds off nicely when working with a load – unlike diamond braid which needs a core to maintain this shape.

Braided Strength: Understanding the Versatility and Durability of Poly Rope

Another great advantage to choosing a polyester rope is that it is easier to splice than nylon. This is because it doesn’t stretch as much – which means that the end of the rope can be closed using either a lockstitch, brummel or 4-3-2 tuck splice.

We also stock a number of different types of multifilament polypropylene rope, which is a bit heavier than the polyester option and has an even better abrasion resistance. It is also a floater and unaffected by water, petroleum products or chemicals – which makes it a fantastic choice for marine uses. It is available in both twisted and hollow braid constructions and can be bought by the metre or on 100 metre reels.