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How to Prevent New Account FraudHow to Prevent New Account Fraud

New account fraud, also known as onboarding fraud, is a prevent fraudulent account opening that occurs when cybercriminals use stolen or fabricated identities to open financial accounts and other services. The fraudsters often use the accounts to obtain credit, purchase merchandise or services and then drop out of sight, leaving the victim with bills and potential long-term financial damage. Fraudsters may also sell these accounts on the dark web or use them as money mules.

Identifying new account fraud can be difficult because the accounts are often opened remotely and through multiple devices, creating red flags that may not be picked up by human reviewers. A variety of signals can be used to detect suspicious activity, such as an inconsistently formatted name or a phone number that matches a fake email address. A device fingerprinting check can also flag a new account that is opened on a previously seen emulator or virtual machine, which can be indicative of bot activity.

Strategies to Prevent Fraudulent Account Opening

Protecting against this type of fraud requires a comprehensive approach to risk management, including combining data analytics and monitoring tools to uncover fraudulent activity. By putting the right friction in place during onboarding, authentication and any consequential transaction, institutions can reduce the likelihood of new account fraud while maintaining digital trust with customers.

TCS Insulation & Coatings – Spray Foam InsulationTCS Insulation & Coatings – Spray Foam Insulation

spray foam insulation offers superior insulation properties and can be a great addition to a new home or commercial structure. It is also a cost-effective alternative to fiberglass or cellulose insulation. It creates an air seal, preventing hot and cold air, moisture and unwanted pests from entering your home. It also helps keep conditioned air in your home, which can help reduce energy costs.

Professional Spray Foam Installation

There are two types of spray foam insulation: open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam has small bubbles that aren’t completely encapsulated, which makes it a softer and more flexible material. Closed-cell spray foam is a harder and more rigid material that does an excellent job of insulating a home and creating an air barrier.

The type of spray foam insulation your contractor uses will have a big impact on the finished product. TCS uses a low-VOC spray foam, HEATLOK SOY, that has a lower off-gassing time and is a greener option.

A professional contractor will know the best ways to apply and install spray foam insulation, so you can be sure that your home is properly insulated and has a well-functioning air seal. This is especially important for older homes, or those with poorly functioning insulation.

A well-insulated attic is key to preventing the formation of ice dams. When warm air moves from the living space up into the attic, it can cause moisture to build up and create ice dams that can damage shingles and ceilings. By insulating the attic with spray foam, this problem can be prevented.

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