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Quick Solutions For Damp Issues

Quick Solutions for Damp Issues

Quick Solutions for Damp Issues s are tackled, the easier and less costly they are to fix. Damp can have a detrimental impact on a property, leading to the growth of toxic mould and potentially damaging the structure of the building.

Damp can be caused by a variety of factors such as poor ventilation, leaking roofs and plumbing problems like a faulty washing machine or dishwasher. However, some damp issues can be more difficult to deal with, such as rising damp, which requires the assistance of a professional damp surveyor to identify and rectify the cause.

Rising Above Dampness: Strategies for Tackling and Resolving Home Moisture Problems

A good way to check for damp on walls is to simply place the back of your hand against the wall. If the wall feels cold and wet, or if there is a visible patch of mould then this could be a sign of damp. Other tell-tale signs of damp include a musty smell, cracked plaster or flaking paint and discoloured ceilings.

Using extractor fans and keeping windows open when you’re cooking or having a bath/shower can also help to combat condensation damp, as can improving the insulation of your home with Cavity Wall or Loft Insulation. Alternatively, you can use moisture absorbers such as borax and bicarbonate of soda to remove damp and reduce the odours it causes. However, the most effective way to stop moisture in your property is to ensure it can’t get in in the first place.

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