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Reliable Bund Wall Lining Services

reliable bund wall lining services

A reliable bund wall lining services is a retaining wall that is built around an area where dangerous and flammable liquids are stored, usually to prevent the spread of any leakage or breach from the primary containment tank or vessel. This is also known as secondary or tertiary containment and is required by Control of Pollution Regulations in order to prevent environmental pollution from site accidents.

We recently lined a new area of a fuel storage tank bund, this was to replace the old brick and concrete wall that was damaged and no longer in good condition. We built a new Besser block wall, one course high with core fill and block capping. We also constructed a door and closed in the old hole with Besser block to form a complete bund boundary. We then carried out leak sealing injection of the floor-to-wall joint and the wall to the former pump room. This was then sealed with a hard wearing epoxy system to the outside and painted with high visibility paint.

Seal with Confidence: The Importance of Reliable Bund Wall Lining Services

The growth of vegetation within a bund wall is a common indicator that there are problems with the structure. Cracks and deterioration in the wall are also indications of a loss of integrity. A regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance regime should be implemented to ensure a watertight barrier.

The best solution to maintaining a good quality and effective bund wall is to line the structure with a chemical-resistant lining system. This will offer a robust and durable backup to the tank primary containment, and will help prevent damage to the walls and environment due to corrosion, movement or severe weathering.

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