Red Sea Explorer blog Why Choose Fulfilment Centres UK?

Why Choose Fulfilment Centres UK?


Ogden Fulfilment is a critical part of the logistics of any online business. However, the tasks involved with storing inventory, processing orders, preparing for peak commercial seasons and packing shipments can drain your time, resources, and energy. Using a fulfilment centre in the UK can help you stay laser-focused on other critical tasks that will propel your business to success.

The main difference between a warehouse and a fulfilment centre is that the role of a warehouse is to store on-demand inventory, but the fulfilment centre process is designed to efficiently meet customer shipping expectations by ensuring orders are shipped as quickly as possible. Fulfilment centres can be a cost-effective way to improve your logistics and customer service.

The Rise of Robotics: Automation in UK Fulfilment Centers

Modern fulfilment centres utilise automation, reducing manual handling processes and lowering overall costs. They can also increase the speed of shipping, which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Fulfilment services can be customised to meet the needs of different brands, with 3PLs like ShipBob able to support businesses across multiple countries through their global network of fulfilment centres.

A fulfilment company can manage the operations of multiple eCommerce businesses, with pricing structures based on factors like product size and dimensions, quantity, order volume, storage space and more. Their teams are filled with expert colleagues who understand the entire selling process, so they can work efficiently and accurately to meet your requirements. They can also handle returns and exchanges, ensuring customers are always satisfied with their experience.

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