Red Sea Explorer Business Skip Hire – What You Need to Know

Skip Hire – What You Need to Know

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Mini skip hire Glasgow is an affordable, reliable, and convenient waste removal solution for all kinds of waste material, be it for domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes. They come in various sizes and can be hired for a period of 1 to 14 days depending on the region of the UK. Skips are a great choice for DIY projects such as garden clean-ups, house renovations, and bathroom/kitchen refitting projects or at construction sites. They are also a good option for large commercial jobs like office clean-ups and warehouse clearances.

Skip Hire for Retail Warehouse Overhauls in Glasgow

Before you hire a skip it is important to evaluate your waste disposal needs, this will help you choose the right size of skip for your project. It is also helpful to know what can and cannot be placed in your skip. Generally, most skip-hire companies accept mixed waste, hardcore, soil, scrap metal, wood, glass recyclables, and green / garden waste. They will not however accept hazardous materials like asbestos and plasterboard which must be disposed of separately.

The location of your skip is another crucial factor, if you wish to place it on public roads/lanes then you will need a permit from the council. This will cost extra and should be arranged prior to hiring the skip. If you decide to place your skip on private land such as driveways, this will not require a permit and your skip hire company can take care of this for you.

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