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buy afghan hash online

Tale Of Two Strains smoked in a pipe or dabbed, buy afghan hash online is a great way to experience Afghanistan’s finest cannabis products. This concentrate is a blend of modern growing skills and centuries-old methods that results in a high-quality, strong, and smooth indica experience.

The term “Afghan hash” is used to describe cannabis concentrate made from the resin (trichome glands) of a cannabis plant. It is a low-tech extract that doesn’t require solvents or lab-grade equipment and has been around for centuries. It is arguably one of the oldest types of marijuana concentrate, with written references dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries.

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A key feature of Afghan hash is its dark, neutral color and intensely potent effects. This is due to the unique genetics of the kush that produces an abundance of resin, a property that gives it a very spicy taste and can induce coughing in some inexperienced users. It is often made by habitual charsis, who cultivate a small number of plants at home for personal use, using techniques like sieving or hand-rubbing to collect the resin.

The resulting paste is then pressed and worked on by hand under additions of water or tea until it has a paste-like consistency. It can then be rolled into small balls or pressed into slabs that are packaged and sold. The best-quality afghan hash in the world is found in the northern provinces of Afghanistan, especially Mazar Sharif and Balkh. This hash is black on the outside and a dark greenish or brown inside – it looks like a chocolate bar! It sells for 200 afghanis per seven grams. Lesser quality afghan hash comes from the Nangarhar and Logar provinces. These afghan hashs are typically a dark black colour and are cheaper than the aforementioned Shirak-e Panjshir hash, selling at 100 afghanis for seven grams.

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