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Dyno Tuning For Diesel Engines

When you want to increase the performance of your diesel dyno tuning Brisbane , the best and safest way is to get it remapped. Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, modifications and how it’s used, it may need different tuning changes to maximise its potential. These changes can be achieved through the reprogramming of the engine control unit (ECU) using a professional remapping service.

Firstly, make sure your chosen tuner has extensive experience. You should be able to find out this through their website, social media pages or by doing a web search. The number of dyno tunes they’ve done should also be on there, as a well as how long they’ve been doing it for.

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It’s worth noting that some remapping services will claim to do a great job in 30 minutes, but don’t believe this! Many of these cheap ‘tuning modules’ plug into the common rail pressure sensor and simply pump up the fuel pressure, which doesn’t give any real power gains.

A reputable tuner will spend half a day or more on a dyno to ensure the ECU is adjusted for peak power and optimised for safety and driveability. They will extract and then copy the original file, before starting to adjust it based on your vehicle and what you’ve told them you want to achieve from it. They will then test your vehicle on the road and then again on the dyno to check that their adjustments are working as they should be.

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