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Shell Ornaments

Shell ornaments  are a great way to bring memories of summer beach vacations or just add a little seaside bling to your home. This is a quick and easy craft to do. Use your favorite beach finds or you can find bags of pretty shells at the dollar store, craft stores or even online. This would make a great gift for coworkers or friends or a fun project to do with kids.

Shell jewelry is primarily made of the shells of marine mollusks, mainly the sea snails or bivalves. It can also be made from the shell layers known as mother of pearl or nacre and the operculum (trapdoor) of some sea snails. It may also be adorned with rhinestones, beads, pearls, paint or fabric flowers. The most common form of shell jewelry is necklaces. Examples of this can be seen in Stone Age burials from Brittany that contain a number of necklaces consisting of numerous shell beads. Pendants and gorgets, often incorporating the natural sinistral spiral of the shell, are sometimes made from these shells.

Seaside Elegance: Creating Stunning Shell Ornaments for Beachy Decor

A variety of ornamental and ritual items were fashioned from the shells of marine mollusks along the Texas coast in prehistoric times. These included necklaces, gorgets, earrings, beads, hair ornaments, clothing accessories, musical parts, and engraved shell cups that were placed with the dead. In addition, the delicate freshwater mussel shells of river and estuarine environments were fashioned into decorative items that frequently accompanied burials.

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